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About surge

At Surge Tutoring and Training, we understand that the labour market needs have changed. It is becoming a necessity to secure training and education credentials to achieve employment goals. We also understand that every individual is unique and different. That is why our learning plans are tailored according to the learner’s strengths and needs. Best of all, we offer customized learning plans at affordable rates. Our learners' success is our top most priority. We are here to help.

How to enroll?

When you enroll in our GED preparation course , you get access to study resources, guides and tips for the GED tests to help you obtain your high school equivalency or GED diploma. When you enroll in the Freelancing Virtual Assistance Course , you will attain the skills to be a certified freelancing virtual assistant. You also get to be assisted with a competent instructor who will guide you all throughout in your study. You can do it at your own pace, which is great for people with full-time jobs or other obligations that make getting to a traditional classroom difficult.

The steps are easy!

Click the button ENROLL NOW!! Below to provide your contact information.

Our staff will contact you so we can verify information.

Once payment is received, your assigned instructor will meet with you online for the Learner Orientation.

You will be guided in your study in preparation for the GED Tests or to be a certified freelancing virtual assistant.

If you passed all GED subject areas, you will be awarded by Alberta Education with the High School Equivalency Diploma! This can make you more employable!

If you complete the Freelancing Virtual Assistance Course, you will receive your completion certificate that can make you more employable!

Seats are limited

Why take GED?

Passing the GED tests will grant you the GED diploma. A GED Diploma is recognized as the equivalent of a high school diploma. Many people take the GED tests for various reasons.

One reason is employment. Many employers now will not hire job applicants who do not have a high school diploma or GED diploma. People who have their high school diploma or GED diploma have higher chances of securing better employment. Others take the GED to enroll in technical schools, vocational schools, and apprenticeships that may require a high school diploma or GED diploma. Lastly, others take the GED as their ultimate aspiration.

No matter what your reason is for taking the GED, it is surely a positive move towards success. Congratulations, you are one step closer!


Your future is calling. Get one step closer to success. Study for the GED Tests and pass it. We are here to help. Click the button below!

Become A Certified Freelance Virtual Assistant

Are you new to virtual assistance? This course is an all-in-one starter course for #newbies who want to start virtual assistance from scratch to success. Millions are shifting to online jobs today. Learn about Branding, Social Media, VA tasks, SEO Set Up, Online Writing and many more! It is the future of work. One gets to earn fast with the right focus and determination. We are here to help!

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